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So I started working on this Ep sometime late November. I got the idea of making this Ep after the SNAILS concert I went to. Now it wasn't Snails who inspired me (Even tho he did with another thing :p) but, rather one of his opening acts did. This man played Bass House music like crazy & opened my eyes up to a brand new version of Bass House. He played some of his tracks & some other track by known artists. So after the show ended I went back home & searched him up on Soundcloud & well I found him. And I also found most of tracks he played & was surprised to see that he has made it onto some big EDM promotion sites. So there I sat thinking I want to make music like him! So I quickly opened Fl & studied his music closely. At first it was hard & I had no idea how to start but, overtime I figured it out. I would listen to his music at school, at home, on the go etc. And one day I made "Shock Hellscape" by complete accident while messing around with a dirty square/saw preset. And soon after I made "Bring The House Down" & "Drop It Like That." But there was still something missing. Vocals. I ended up finding some vocals, non-pony & pony ones. However 1 song still had no vocals. The song "You Rock, Woo Hoo" was just instrumental, no vocals. I thought to myself, "The rest of the these songs have non-pony vocal shouts before the drop with a pony vocal during the drop so why not make a 100% pony song. And that's when I found Fluttershys voice & decided to glitch it out & make it the vocal of the song. And so BASS PONY was created. I feel that this Ep is like no other & shows so much of what I'm capable of being able to do. Bass House is now one of my favorite genres to produce alongside Progressive, Tropical, Future & Dubstep.

Well I hope you guys do enjoy this Ep as much as I do & if you do please give it a like & share! Thanks for reading! :D


released February 27, 2017



all rights reserved


NeoN Thornton, Colorado

I'm an EDM Artist who happens to like MLP Songs and loves to remix them and create my own original songs! :D

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